About Us

Years In Business:

 Michael Watson Painting is owned and operated by Michael Watson. Mike has been a valued Painting Contractor since 1990, over 25 years. Our scope of work begins with new and repainting of homes, to new and repainting of commercial buildings, as well as public works buildings including schools, libraries, and historical projects. We have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to tackle any project.

Michael Watson Painting is a dealer for www.sierrastone.com and www.RubberStone.ca This is a process to cover ugly concrete, asphalt, or gravel surfaces. Sierra Stone is limited to covering ugly concrete. We are located in Chico and and the only other dealer in California is located in San Jose. We have been a dealer since 2009.


Michael Watson Painting. Our warranty is based on our use of quality materials and quality craftsmanship. Based on this premise we warranty our work for 10 years unless the failure is something out of our control.

Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone. Our warranty covers 5 years if there is a failure of materials. If the concrete under the overlay moves and the overlay cracks. the cost of that crack repair is not covered..


In California, all contractors are to be licensed and bonded. If they are not, there is a reason why. If a company is not licensed then it  is doing business illegally the State of California. If a company is not bonded then legally they cannot ask you for a deposit (even if you offer to give them a deposit). Sierra Stone by Michael Watson Painting is licensed and bonded. Certificates available upon request.


Without current workers compensation coverage, you and your Home Owners Insurance are at risk. Without Insurance if an employee gets hurt on your property while installing your project, they can sue you and you can be held liable. You may think that your home insurance has enough liability insurance to cover these types of situations, but this may not be the case. In any case if your insurance has to pay out a claim,  Call the Workers Compensation Board to check whether the company you are hiring is covered and is in good standing. Michael Watson Painting's Workers Compensation Account Number is available upon request.


All contractors should have testimonials or references available for you to review. They should also have before & after pictures of work that they have previously done.    Michael Watson Painting representatives will  be happy to provide local references & testimonials. We also have many photos that can show you the type of work that we do. We won't hesitate to show you our work. Visit our website at: www.michaelwatsonpainting.com